“You’re a blessing to this generation”: Mike Bamiloye celebrates his wife at 60

(Image: Gloria Bamiloye)

Gloria Bamiloye, the wife of Christian filmmaker and the president of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Mike Bamiloye clocked 60 years on Saturday, February 3. Family, friends, and fans of the Christian film actress took to social media to celebrate her.

Mike Bamiloye wrote on Facebook, “Happy birthday, Gloria. I am grateful to God I got you. I am eternally grateful to God that I married you. I am ever thankful to God I didn’t miss it at the junction of marriage. You have been a faithful and submissive woman. Submissive to the will of God always, even when it is obvious you don’t understand what God is doing or where He is going at times.

“You bow at His will. You have been following Him in me for the past 34 years. Not that I know where I am going o, but I too I'm just following Him blindly, as He directs me. At times, I miss the way because I am human, but you didn’t fight me. You pray me back in direction.”

The drama evangelist also praised his wife for being a vision carrier and a global woman. He added, “Your coming to this world is a great blessing to this generation! Your coming to this generation has produced great fruits in the multitude of lives. Your coming to this world at a time like this is a huge blessing to me in particular!

He further prayed that God would bless his wife and those who are praying for both of them to finish strong. More so, he prayed that they would also finish strong and that their homes and marriages would be a huge blessing to this generation.

On his part, the son-in-law of the celebrant, Pastor Lawrence Oyor, posted a picture of himself and Mrs Bamiloye saying, “Happy 60th birthday Mama Eagle. Thank you for your continuous covering and love. May your strength continue to increase till the day of Christ!”

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