“I’m not doing any dance challenge,” Frank Edwards says amid Moses Bliss engagement

(Frank Edwards. Image credit: Facebook)

Following the engagement of gospel singer Moses Bliss last Friday, some ladies have decided to get the attention of his colleague Frank Edwards.

The singer had announced that he composed the wedding song of Bliss after his engagement to his fiancee Marie went viral. While congratulating the “Daddy Wey Dey Pamper” crooner, several netizens informed him that he is next to get married.

Moses met his bride-to-be on Instagram after he was tagged to the dance video of his song, “Miracle No Dey Tire Jesus” which Marie danced to. This made fans of Edwards do their own dance challenge and tagged him.

His attention has been drawn to the videos and he notified his followers that he is not doing any dance challenge. He wrote on his Facebook page, “Please why is everyone tagging me on dance videos! I’m not doing any challenge.”

Responding to the pressure from fans on when he is getting married, he said, “Laughing at some of you because even when marriage happens you may only find out a year after. I am sure you know me well. But one thing is sure when you find out you will know why it took a while, you go clap for Jesus.

“If you have taken anyone’s name anywhere for evil prayers, your series of multiple judgments and harvests starts today. If you have the song Dominus omnium put it on repeat.”

Fans react to Frank Edward’s post

Oyinloye David: “What is good for the Bliss is good for the Edwards.”

Anastasia Amedu: “Husband finding things!”

Sunday Pee: “Sir na code. Na dance them carry catch Moses Bliss attention sir. I think they are waiting for you to say I love your dance move then something can start from there.”

Goody Paul: “They are following our advice. Ladies keep tagging and don’t forget to be real too. So your own man can locate you on this blue app just like I was located. But don’t tag online celebrities and don’t look like someone who’s in any pressure for relationship or marriage o.”

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