Nigerian-British football star, Bukayo Saka publicly affirms his Christian faith in Qatar - "I read my Bible every night."


Nigerian-British football star, Bukayo Saka, publicly affirmed his Christian faith at an interview granted in Qatar at the ongoing 2022 FIFA Men's World Cup. This was at a press conference after England beat Senegal in the round of sixteen.

A journalist asked him if he was still reading his Bible out there in Qatar and if there was any particular passage inspiring and helping him at the moment.

He answered, "I read my Bible every night, I've been continuing to do that out here. For me, it is really important to have the presence of God in me all the time and it gives me more confidence to know that God's plan is perfect. So I can go on the pitch and know that God has my back."

"But the main thing for me is just keeping my faith. Just having faith in God so I don't need to be nervous or worry about any outcomes because obviously this is my first World Cup."

"You know, I can start worrying about different things and different outcomes, but instead I just choose to put my faith in God."

Bukayo (which means "adds to happiness" in Yoruba) Saka, born to Nigerian parents, plays for Arsenal football club in England and the England national team. He has been publicly outspoken about his Christian faith. Even his Instagram bio reads, "God's Child."

In September 2022, Bukayo was voted by the fans as England’s Player of the Year.

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