Nigeria’s major problem caused by the constitution – Emeritus Archbishop

Archbishop Felix Job

The Emeritus Archbishop of the Catholic Diocese of Ibadan, Oyo State, Felix Job, has said that Nigeria’s major problem is caused by the constitution. He also lamented the poor state of leadership in the country.

The cleric made this statement at the Nigeria Association of Church History and Missionlogical Studies 2022 Conference and Distinguished Honorary Fellowship Induction/Awards, held at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, on Tuesday.

Job said, “Those who govern Nigeria are the cause of the problems plaguing this nation in different ways.  Until we change our system of government and Constitution, we are doomed. Let us not deceive ourselves, until we change our 1999 Constitution, we are doomed. I am more than 51 years as a bishop. From the beginning, our government said we are a secular state.”

He noted that the constitution had a dominance of Islam against Christianity. Besides, he said that if it is not changed, we are all deceiving ourselves.

The cleric continued, “Check the present constitution, how many times was Islam mentioned and how many times was Islamic teachers mentioned? How many times was Sharia mentioned? Is Christianity mentioned just once? It is the present constitution that is supposed to govern all of us. I am not against Muslims because I have them as my own family members. I also have Christians of different sorts in my family.

“Let’s be frank, I have said it that the major problem of Nigeria is the constitution we are adopting and if we don’t change it, we are only deceiving ourselves. We are mocking the reality of life.”

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