Gloria Gaynor reveals how she started hearing from God


American singer, Gloria Gaynor, has narrated how God saved her from sin and changed her career. The singer, who is notable for her song, ‘I Will Survive’, loved to go for parties. However, in one of the parties with her then husband, Linwood Simon, she had an encounter with the Lord.

In an interview with CBN’s Faithwire, she said, “My mother had passed away some years before. I sort of lost my moral compass for a minute. I was kind of in limbo morally and kind of going along with whoever I was with and all of that. One night, the Lord literally grabbed me on my collar and said, ‘That’s enough.'

“We had given a party in my hotel room and people were coming in with drugs and all that stuff and I was ready to get involved, to indulge, and the Lord just said, ‘No.’ I believe that He just said to the enemy, ‘Not to this one. This one’s mine.'”

The 79-year-old has since talked about God’s faithfulness towards her, having been baptized at age 16. She said, “He (God) doesn’t forget — even when we do. He let me run amok for a minute. He just loves us so much.”

She has also infused her desire for God into her career. She initially wanted to put one track about her Christian faith into her album but she later settled for half the songs on her album to be faith-based. However, she did not get confirmation if that was what God wanted.

Nevertheless, she decided that she was going to do gospel music full time although she was not sure if that was God’s desire for her. This made her not to record any music till God told her what He actually wanted to do.

Her desire to hear from God was granted as she started hearing from Him. She continued, “For a year, I did nothing but sit and learn and study the Word and listen to the Lord and write songs and all that kind of thing.

“And after a year, He sent me back with this: ‘My word speaks of all the issues of life. What would make you think I wouldn’t want you to sing about all the issues of life from my point of view?'

“So that’s what I did. I changed some of the lyrics to some of my songs that I thought were askew — some of the songs I don’t sing at all anymore.”

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