Movie Review - Miss Perfect

This short drama is telling, because everyone, Christian or not has been here. Self-confidence and bragging rights are a human thing and we all have our moments, it might be when we’ve accomplished that feat, made that tight deadline or closed that deal. The high can be from a ‘big’ or ‘little’ thing and we all know those things are relative and depend solely on the individual. In those moments we’re on cloud nine and would love to stay there permanently. Sometimes those moments are private and made up entirely of those inner conversations we all have going on. It may spill over into chats with those we think might understand, or people we’re comfortable voicing those thoughts to.

Conversely, we might hear about someone, probably a person we usually know though, not a random stranger. Their scandalous deeds might have come to light and everyone is talking about it. You may discover it could have been avoided, but it festered and deteriorated, in those instances the tendency to raise your nose rears its head. We can be pretty judgmental and dismissive about what has come to light. Empathy is nowhere to be found and we pat ourselves on the back for not being in their shoes.

What is in short supply now more than ever is support, kindness, a listening ear and someone that understands, that will tell the truth and not necessarily what you might want to hear at any point in time. It is possible to be this person, because it’s not reserved for just family or friends either. Kindness, compassion, being simply there for someone, yes even a stranger is something anyone can do. Generally being a decent human being is needed now, more than ever and a decision to be that is important. Jesus was and is our example and choosing to obey Him and live by His teachings is what being a disciple is all about. Being aware enough to catch yourself and realise when you’re being holier than thou is important because the day you’re on the other end of the equation you’ll discover just how wrong you’ve been all along.

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