Author Karen Kingsbury Releases Short Movie - Ashley & Landon

As a Karen Kingsbury fan, I love how she writes about the realities of life, but also how in the glaring disparities of what people face and the Bible promises it shows the beauty of how God uses the messes and all to weave the beauty of our lives into something that makes sense. I dare say that many still snap them up, eager to discover the latest adventure of their beloved characters and families and how they’ve evolved over the years. As a reader, one of the things I appreciate is when one of my favourite books is transformed into a movie! It thrills me even more when I watch it and can gleefully say that it did said book justice. I’ve discovered not many make this list…they don’t beat the experience you had when immersed in reading.

My opinion is that if the creator of the original characters and universe is not involved, or the vision translated as closely as possible then a lot becomes lost in translation. This has been demonstrated in movie franchises that fell short of expected projections because of that, I might be wrong though but personally, I’ve not found many movies that literally beat my imagination!

Ms Kingsbury has gone ahead to translate the beloved Baxter family and all its characters unto the big screen. The fans have become entwined in their lives and the discoveries that have unfolded, series after series. It certainly hasn’t gotten old, and when the author began to give readers the opportunity to submit names of their beloved to become part of that universe, her popularity and place in their hearts was permanently sealed.

Ashley and Landon are characters from the original story and favourites of fans. This short film is a deleted scene from the Baxter family books. It stars Kelsey Kupecky as Ashley Baxter; her husband Kyle Kypecky as Landon Blake and Austin Robert Russell as Luke Baxter. The description is poignant, “Ashley and Landon tells the story of many kinds of love. In this drama, it was important to show many kinds of love, and the way people often move in and out of relationship”

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