One Gospel is latest from City Alight

There are some songs although written in the twenty-first century sound like hymns written in the eighteenth. One Gospel by City Alight is one such song, another one that has that ‘feel’ for me is The Goodness of God…getting my drift now, I hope. It invokes that atmosphere of reverence that knows the God you’re singing to is THE Almighty.

Johnny Robinson and Rich Thompson wrote this beautiful song and their intent can be felt as you sing. “When writing this track our aim was to provide a means for unifying believers around the world in the singing of our shared gospel, handed down to us from the apostles, made possible for us by the saving work of Jesus. Whether you are in a small group, with your own church, or gathered with a diverse crowd of believers, we hope this song will unify hearts and minds around the great truths of the gospel on which we stand.”

It's important to be reminded of the sacrifice that Jesus made at Calvary. That it was premeditated and executed flawlessly and by so doing given those that call on that name a power that anything that wants to contradict it will most certainly fail because it is no match.


There is one Gospel on which I stand

For all eternity

It is my story, my Father’s plan

The Son has rescued me

Oh what a Gospel, oh what a peace

My highest joy and my deepest need

Now and forever He is my light

I stand in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Verse 2

There is one Gospel to which I cling

All else I count as loss

For there, where justice and mercy meet

He save me on the cross

No more I boast in what I can bring

No more I carry the weight of sin

For he has brought me from death to life

I stand in the Gospel of Jesus Christ


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