Does God have a sense of Humour?

I believe one thousand percent that God not only has a sense of humour but that He literally rolls His eyes at times. Especially at those things we take seriously and get worked up over, because He has already taken care of them and doesn’t understand why we don’t know that! Yes, I see Him rolling His eyes, shaking His head and all when we get things mixed up. For Him they’re not only simple, but a non-issue at best. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

In fact, there’s a great scripture I can quote about this too, because if His creation can laugh and find things funny and we were created in His image it goes to show that we also got that from Him too. Psalm 2:4 In heaven the LORD laughs as he sits on his throne, making fun of the nations. From the preceding verses we can see why He finds the situation hilarious right? The next thing He does after chuckling at their stupidity is to ask them how in the world, they thought they could get away with it? So, you see God not only has a sense of humour, but a great one too.  

In case you need more evidence let’s take a look at some of the animals e.g. the giraffe, hippo, elephant, baboon etc, I won’t even start on the extra strange ones found in the depths of the ocean. What I’d really like to know and ask Him is why He made them the way He did. I mean, some of these could pass for alien life forms! Not only with their appearance either, when we investigate further their feeding habits, reproduction et al confirm that they could possibly be.

Any ways, I thought this would be a fun topic to write about as I listened to a podcast with Yvonne Orji talk about her relationship with God. For those that may not know her, Yvonne is an Emmy nominated actress, has her own show, Mama I made it, has given a Ted talk about being a virgin and has written a book titled Bamboozled by Jesus: How God Tricked Me Into The Life Of My Dreams. Yvonne doesn’t only think He has a sense of humour, but that God is hysterical!

For instance, her foray into comedy was kickstarted at a beauty pageant. She narrates God told her to do stand up there and in retrospect she reasoned that it was the one place that she could only have been bold enough to try it.  Yvonne was the third runner up, but she points out that the point of the pageant wasn’t for her to win, but that God used it as an entry point to a career. As she puts it, “I lost the pageant but I won a career.” She has an interesting and funny way of talking about her experiences. The episode made me appreciate more the gift of laughter and the One that gave it to us.

I know some of you might still not be convinced about God’s sense of humour though, but you could just go ahead and ask Him. Here's the link to listen to the full interview here.


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