Employee Fired for Refusing to Work on Sunday Gets $50,000 Settlement

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An employee fired by a Florida delivery service for refusing to work on Sunday is set to get $50,000 as part of settlement in a lawsuit. Isavion Howard had informed his company, Tampa Bay Delivery Service (TBDS) that he would not be available to work on Sundays in order to observe his religious obligations.

Asides the $50,000 settlement fee, TBDS was also ordered to offer "other relief" to Howard. He was represented by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) who described the case as unlawful religious discrimination.

Robert Weisberg, a regional attorney with the EEOC, Miami District, said in a statement, "We commend Tampa Bay Delivery Service for working collaboratively with EEOC to resolve this lawsuit. The company's willingness to address EEOC's concerns will help in preventing future employees from being forced to choose between employment and a religious belief.

The delivery service employed Howard on May 12, 2019. The complaint filed by EEOC read: "TBDS scheduled Mr. Howard for work on Sunday, September 8, 2019, and after this, he reminded the company that due to his Christian beliefs, he would be unable to attend work on Sunday.

"Mr. Howard did not show up for work on Sunday and that same day, he received notification from his job that he was being terminated despite several other delivery drivers also having the day off.”

In addition to monetary compensation, the statement said that the delivery service will give training on religious discrimination which will help managers and dispatchers know how to prevent discrimination in the workplace. Also, they will try to accommodate employees with religious needs.

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