Patrick Marsh, Designer of the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum Dies at 77

                          (Patrick Marsh)

Patrick Marsh, the man who designed Creation Museum, Art Encounter in Kentucky, and also assisted in the unveiling of the renovated Statue of Liberty in 1986 has passed on. He died on December 2 at age 77.

Before his passing, Marsh was the vice president of the outstanding creation company, Answers in Genesis which guided the construction of the amusement park and museum in Kentucky.

The Ark Encounter is a life-size Noah’s Ark model which is 51 feet high, 85 feet wide and 510 feet long. It was opened in 2016. Meanwhile, the Creation Museum is a 75,000-square-foot facility which was established in 2007. The museum is a tourist attraction and it houses a zoo, artistic creations, a planetarium, botanic gardens, and other facilities. In 2019, A USA Today readers’ poll judged Creation Museum and Ark Encounter as the top faith-based attractions in the country.

In a statement on Marsh’s death, Answers in Genesis (AiG) founder and prominent Young Earth apologist Ken Ham said, “Patrick’s fingerprints are all over the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. I have never worked with a more creative person. Calling him a ‘genius’ is not an overstatement. I will miss him dearly, not only as a colleague, but as a friend.”

Among the artistic designs of Marsh were the popularized “Jaws” and “King Kong” attractions at Universal Studios in Florida. He also organized 50 designers for the grounds of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. 

Marsh is a graduate of Industrial Design from the University of California, Los Angeles. He also bagged a Master’s degree in environmental design from the same university. Besides, he worked as the director of design for Dream Makers in Japan. In that office, he was in charge of the concept design for several theme parks in Asia.

“At AiG, Patrick was able to attract, build, and mentor a phenomenal team of talented younger-generation designers and artists. Although Patrick can never be replaced, the team that was built under his leadership is ready to carry on his legacy,” Ham said.

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