Kaestrings' New Song Broken Out

Kaestrings’ Broken is a solo accompanied by an Acoustic guitar and God’s presence. Despite the simple chords the words beckon you closer to the Father, no matter the imperfections you believe you have. The chorus in Hausa further pleads with God to change the individual so they can please and serve Him.

Those familiar with Kaestrings will no doubt include this as a favourite, just like they found in other releases that include Haske, Tare, Forever Yours and Love (Me Na Yi Daka so Ni Haka).


In the stillness of my soul

Is a loud cry to you

Before you I stand

Helpless, vulnerable

Unworthy is my state

But your love says to me

Child be bold and come

Father, here I am



Gyara ni Ya Yesu (please fix me Lord)

In zama kamar da kai (that I may become more like you)

Gyara ni Ya Yesu (please fix me Lord)

Gyara nin ma ai’kin ka (fix me for your service)

Listen, enjoy and since this is the season of giving...SHARE.


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