Hollywood Actress and Singer, Tamela Mann, Declares Her Aim in Christ.

U.S gospel singer, producer, and songwriter, Tamela Mann, said that her main goal is to honor God until she leaves earth. The Grammy award-winning singer released her newest album this month. Besides, she has achieved success in her acting and music career over the years.

She is known for movies like ‘’Assisted Living’’ which was produced by Tyler Perry. Also, she has featured in hit TV series “Meet The Browns,” including ‘’Madea” films and plays.

Mann is a recipient of NAACP Image Awards. After some years of trials, she released her album, Tillymann Music. With this achievement, she was able to grow her strength and stay glued to her purpose. She produced the album by herself. Her production skills are top-notch as well as her acting skills.

The singer his married to David Mann and their union is 30 years old. Regularly, they talk about their love story to spur others. In 2018, the both of them released their first joint album and book titled, Us Against the World.

Recently, Mann also commenced another business, a leisure apparel line called Tamela Mann Collection. Regardless of all that she has achieved, she wants people to be drawn to God through her works.

 “I just want to be able to put people's eyes back on God. Not their eyes be on me, but your eyes and your ears tuned in to what thus say the Lord. What is His desire for our lives and for our steps to be ordered by Him? So that's my focus, my goal until I die,” Mann told The Christian Post.

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