Pastor Renovates 60-Year-Old Mosque in Osun State


A pastor in Osun State, Oluwaseun Basil Alabi, has renovated a 60-year old mosque in one of the communities. According to the cleric, he used to play with his Muslim friends at the Alatise Mosque in Ikire as a child without any form of discrimination. Hence, he didn’t see any issue with helping the worshippers at the mosque to renovate it.

Reactions trail the pastor’s decision
Ibisky North commented, ‘’This is the type of charity God wants. Unlimited rewards and a percentage from every soul that pray inside everyday. And will be given the reward continuously even after he is dead…’’

Tunder Famu said, ‘’Thank you sir. What you have done is foundation for love, peace and harmony among the citizens of that community. God bless.’’
                              (Pastor Alabi)

Prince Orlamydey Williams said, ‘’I tell you, this is the kind of people we need in government offices. People who can unite the entire populace not minding the religious and ethnic background of everyone. God bless your beautiful heart sir. Your reward is in heaven.’’

Abdul Wahid Grabo Idowu commented, ‘’I’m wondering how we got to where we are! We all used to relate with one another without any discrimination in the past. I guess it’s the politicians success that led us to where we currently are. May this good Samaritan be rewarded enoumously.’’

Clapperton Ezeafor wrote, "Misplaced priority."

Senami Rhema Hungbeji said, ‘’This is what Christ preached. Not what some (people) are preaching to deviate the people from religious tolerance. Love is not shown to your religious people (alone). It is showing love to people who are not in your fold. May God bless you sir and continue to bless those who taken the same Christ’s path.’’

News Credit: Facebook/Bakare Adegboyega Abdullah

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