Comedian Michael Jr. Speaks on Inspiring People With His Passion; Upcoming Tour


American comedian, Michael Jr., has found a passion in making people laugh. However, he has decided to use his talent for other purposes, which is sharing the Gospel, encouraging his audience, and inspiring them to realize their God’s purpose for their lives.

In an interview with The Christian Post, the comedian said that he feels God has given him the understanding on how to disclose to his listeners what they require even as he gives them what they desire. He continued,

“Instead of just doing jokes, I listen in between the gaps while people are laughing and I’m asking, ‘What can I give to my audience? What do they need?’ While they’re laughing and having a good time, I hit them with some truth, encouragement and application.”

He has performed on some biggest comedy stages in the country such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central, and The Tonight Show. Michael Jr. is moved by the belief that one can get inspiration and healing from laughter. Hence, he takes his talent to people that are incarcerated and are homeless. He also recounted some events of the past.

 “I’ve had some cool things happen and some not-so-cool things. But as I look back at the stories in my life, and even things that are going on currently, I'm able to look at it differently and see how God can use it to help other people.”

In addition, the comedian talked about 25 stories from his recent book, Funny How Life Works. The stories are centered on his life with the intention of spurring readers to hold on to God’s purpose for their lives. Besides the wise words hidden in the book, it contains spiritual codes laced with humor.

“We teach you about purpose in the book, we give you some homework. But because you're laughing, you don’t even know you're doing work. The brain cannot separate pleasure and laughter from the information that it's gaining. So after you're done reading, you'll still be attracted to information about your life's calling because your brain thinks it has gotten pleasure there.”

The father of five, who is a member of Gateway Church in Dallas, is preparing for his forthcoming tour, which begins on July 11. The comedian said he is happy that he would soon hit the road to blend comedy with real-life stories before his audience.

“With this tour, we’re planning to go deeper into Funny How Life Works and comedy at the same time, because tension is comedy’s best friend. So if I talk about something that's tension-filled and then go to the comedy, the comedy is even funnier but the stories are even better too,” he said.

In conclusion, he said that his walk with God is the major drive in his life. This spurs his zeal for God-glorifying comedy. Likewise, he spends time reading his Bible and prays frequently. As a result, he is determined to obey God’s calling on his life. 

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