Actor Jon Voight Reveals How He Got His Life Back after a Divine Encounter


Veteran actor, Jon Voight, has revealed how his life turned around after he encountered God. He also talked about his troubles which affected his career at a particular point in his life. Voigt made these revelations during an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

"I was in a lot of trouble at one point. I had some problems and I was really suffering for many reasons. My career was in flux at that time and lots of things were going on at the time. My relationship to my kids and my wife," he said.

The 82-year-old also recounted moments he struggled through difficult times. He would lie on the floor and groan about how difficult his situation was. However, when he looked back on the incident, he felt he was not alone and that someone was rooting for him. More so, he saw the need to push on and never give up. Hence, he felt better.

Voight added that previously, he doesn’t pray with believe that someone is listening. But he now has a different mindset since that incident. He continued,

"I'm not a person who really prays with the idea that anybody's listening - up to that moment. Now I know that we're covered. Everything we think, everything we say ... everything, you're known. Like they say God knows every bird that falls, this is us too. We all are known. We're being observed and helped and loved. And we're expected to get up and do battle, do something, do what's right ... whatever it is.

"There's a purpose here and the purpose is to learn our lessons and grow. And what's the big deal? To give to each other. To be here to be of help. The next morning I got up and said, 'What have You got for me today?'"

Furthermore, the actor had more unusual experiences that made him realize that God is real. It also made him to align himself with God.

"Things were happening to me and then I was drawn to certain things from that point on and I've had many, many experiences but that was the beginning. God is real, He knows us and is on our side. If I'm going to be a vessel for God, I better be cleaner than I was ... I've got to be a righteous fellow," he admitted.

Voight was inspired to get back on his feet and become a better person after he heard God’s word.

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