‘Sound of Music’ actor, Christopher Plummer, passes on at age 91

Legendary actor, Christopher Plummer, has passed on. He was aged 91. He died on Friday, January 5, in the presence of his wife, Elaine Taylor, at their home in Connecticut. Plummer was an Emmy, Oscar, and Tony awards recipient. His acting career spanned a period of over 60 years. However, he was famous for his role as Captain Georg von Trapp opposite Julie Andrews in ‘’The Sound of Music’’. This movie won an Oscar in 1965.

His friend and manager, Lou Pitt, said that Plummer was an exceptional being who was dedicated to his work. He also dubbed him as a National Treasure who was fond of his Canadian roots. Likewise, his art was felt by many persons and he will surely be remembered for all he did.

Plummer was born in Toronto in 1929. In 1954, he debuted in Broadway after his role in “Henry V”. He acted major roles in movies like “Macbeth” and “King Lear” on Broadway. Furthermore, he was a recipient of two Tony Awards — his first was for the musical ‘’Cyrano’’ in 1974 and the second was for “Barrymore,” based on the life of actor John Barrymore, in 1996.

Before Plummer featured in ‘’The Sound of Music’’, he acted on ‘’Stage Struck’’, a movie produced in 1958. He also acted other roles in “The Insider,” “12 Monkeys,” “The Shadowbox,” “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” and “A Beautiful Mind.”

In 1976, he won an Emmy for the series “The Moneychangers,” and in 1993, for his role as a narrator in “Madeline.’’

Plummer’s Shakespearean prowess was obvious in his role as Klingon General Chang, the Bard-loving character in “Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country” who quotes memorably from “Julius Caesar”: “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!”

In addition, he won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for acting as a 75-year-old widower in 2012’s “Beginners’’ in 2012. Plummer acted in Ridley Scott’s “All the Money in the World” in 2017. He was the oldest actor to be nominated for that role for an Oscar.

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