FARMS Int'l appreciates churches that supported its programs in 2020; hopeful for a better 2021

FARMS International, an organisation poised to lift people out of poverty through its interest-free loans, is grateful its achievements in the year 2020. It already has plans to grow in 2021. The aim of its programs is to alleviate many persons from poverty by helping them to provide funds for them to engage in agriculture and other business ventures.

One of its leaders, Scott Clifton, stated that the pandemic made things tougher for people. However, the churches that partners with FARMS increased their support. This was a morale booster, not just for FARMS, but for its numerous beneficiaries too.

Clifton recalled moments the churches teamed up with other churches to provide support for victims of natural disasters. In Philippines, an individual sold T-shirts as a means to raise funds for victims during a tornado.

Likewise, he recalled when a farmer helped his neighbors with some of his cow’s milk. His church also supported with relief packages for some persons. These acts of kindness are expected to preach God’s love to the people, Clifton said. He also hopes that a lot of persons would be drawn to Jesus through it.

He also gave instances of God’s blessings despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Although FARMS operated more on a physical basis, the pandemic limited its movements. Nevertheless, it did not stop them from affecting lives positively. FARMS’ programs have a local committee in charge. There are various volunteers under these committees whose duty is to go through business plans and supervise the list of persons who have received loans to carry out their businesses.

Consequently, the committee oversees the daily operations of FARMS. Clifton stated that the committee is usually trained and funds are provided to allow the smooth running of its operations. Travelling is an important part of FARMS’ programs and it hindered them due to the COVID-19 laws. Nevertheless, they still reached out in the best possible way.

Furthermore, he said that he is hopeful that 2021 will be better even with the pandemic so that FARMS can effectively carry out its programs. Presently, FARMS International is operating in 9 countries with a total of 17 programs. However, there are plans to increase the programs to 21 this year.

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