"There is always a repercussion for ungodliness," Mike Bamiloye

President of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, is always at the forefront of preaching the gospel of Christ Jesus using drama. His movies have gathered a good number of followers over the years. He is an ambassador of Christ and a preacher of godliness. Recently, he took to his social media page to share two different stories of how there is always a negative outcome for people who do not obey Gods commandments. In sharing the stories, the renowned Christian film maker talked about the need to wait on God at all times. Failure to do so will always end in a disaster. 

Below is the first story.


A young fervent believer who had never taken part in sharing dubious profits in a company was constantly being teased by his colleagues. He helplessly watched them shared unholy gains and profits from time to time; he helplessly watched them changing their status with designer wares and fine appearances; he was alarmed to see some of them coming in new cars they never would have been able to afford. 

"He listened from time to time, to their lousy conversations about how he is dying out living an old time religious life, while things are rapidly changing all around him.

"Eventually, he gave in to their tempting words and joined them in their dubious office gang. He got the first share which was equal to his three months salary put together. He got the second share and it was up to his five months salary. He thought he was in another world. Then, the EFCC stepped in and they were all arrested along side those who had been in the shady business for more than four years. The court jailed them 15 years each.

"A lot of the company workers were terribly disappointed, not about the other workers, but about him in particular. They taught he had been in the thing all this while. However, sadly, he was just less than two months in the deal. HE WANTED TO DO THINGS THE WAY THEY DO IT, AND GOD STRUCK OUT IN JUDGEMENT.

Second story:


A young lady was weeping incessantly behind the front desk of a police station. She sat among other girls who were not feeling remorseful in any way, as some of them were chewing gums and making silly noises with their restless jaws and tongues. Yet, this girl sat apart from them, crying bitterly.

"They had all just been brought from red zones where police had gone to raid the night prostitutes, so she happened to be among them. DPO came to ask why she was in bitter regrets. She confessed, she is a daughter of a pastor and that was her first time of going out with her room mates on the campus, and unfortunately, she was raided with them.

"While judgment seems to be very slow in catching up with the godless or people who know not God, it seems, at times, to be very quick in catching up with Gods own people who digress from Him.

"You cannot live your life the way the world is living their lives. God is watching every of your steps jealously."

This message comes at a time many persons are thinking of doing dubious things to be successful. Evangelist Mike Bamiloye hopes that his message will touch the hearts of those who are thinking of toeing the path of ungodliness.

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