Six Godly dressing tips by Pastor Faith Oyedepo

The way we dress matters a lot. It is often said that you will be addressed the way you dress. Pastor Faith Oyedepo has outlined six dressing tips for Christians.

Before she gave her points, she stated that, God is a fashionable God. She added that what we wear interests God as He wants to be involved in all that we do. As Christians, we are expected to represent Christ on earth. Everything that we do should Christ like; including our dressing.

In the Bible, God was said to have been clothed in splendor, glory, and majesty. Hence, God is a definition of royalty. This is more reason God is a reflection of royalty; we are just like God.

Clothes were first designed Adam and Eve by God. When they realized their nakedness, they decided to make something to cover their nakedness but it was not durable. God had to make a durable one that covered them properly. The cloth was said to be loosely made and it reached their knees. The upper part of the body was also well covered and the designs varied. On that note, Pastor Faith Oyedepo expatiated on the points to note when dressing as a Christian.

1. ‘'Choose what fits you properly over what may or may not be in vogue.''
This was the first message of Pastor Oyedepo on Christian dressing. There are many persons that love to dress to please the world. This is a wrong notion that should be abolished. This is because, what is in vogue may not be in line with Gods choice for us.

2. "Choose what you feel comfortable in." 
Comfort is a point to note when dressing as a Christian. Wear what you are comfortable in, and not necessarily what others desire for you to wear.

3. "Don't dress on the basis of crave for a sense of belonging. 
Also, do not dress to crave for a sense of showmanship’’. There are people who dress as a way to show off. As a Christian, it is important that you dress right without having the thoughts of the world in your heart.

4. 'Wear what covers the sensitive parts of your body.'
There are some persons whose aim for dressing is to reveal sensitive parts of their body. Their aim is for the opposite sex to lust after them. It is very wrong to expose your body as a Christian. Seek ways to please God even with your dressing. Pastor Oyedepo further used 1 Corinthians 3: 16 as a reference.

5. 'Wear things that you can afford.'
As a Christian, it is advisable to wear things you can afford. Many persons go beyond their budget just to please the world. That is a wrong notion. If the clothes you desire to buy are too expensive for your budget, ensure that you go for the one that is affordable for you.

6. 'Wear what pleases God, first and foremost.'
This is the most important tip about Christian dressing. Dressing to please God should be your utmost priority. As an ambassador of Christ, you have to represent him in all totality. Pastor Oyedepo quoted 2 Corinthians 5:20 to buttress her point.

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