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Award winning Gospel singer and songwriter, Sinach, has dropped a new video titled "Peace in the Storm". This is the first track in the worship album set to be released in November this year.

The track premiere is also part of the event scheduled for her 30th anniversary in gospel music. The anniversary and album launch had been scheduled for earlier in the year but the COVID-19 pandemic happened and the plans were put on hold.

According to Sinach in an interview, “Peace in the Storm is a song for the now. These days you wake up in the morning not knowing what you would hear because there is so much unrest in the countries. Look at the places we thought were the most peaceful and secure, everything is turning upside down. And the people in it don’t even know what is happening.”

She states that the song is reminiscent of Jesus’s response to a stormy situation in the Bible book of Mark 4:37. The disciple of Jesus had panicked at the sight of a storm, while Jesus was sleeping on the lower deck of the boat. When he was finally woken up, he stretched his hands to the sea and said “Peace be still,’ and there was a great calm.

“In this period (of the pandemic) Jesus is in the boat, so be calm. It is a message, a calming our heart song, saying don’t be afraid.” Sinach said.

Listen and enjoy.

You are my shepherd and my guide 
My peace in this storm 
The fourth man in the fire 
Ohhh I will not be afraid 

I praise you in the mountain 
I praise you in the valley 
God all by yourself 
I praise you in the mountain 
I praise you in the valley 
unfailing, faithful God

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