Faith Tabernacle: Celebrating 21 Years of Obedience

The president of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo is a testament of God’s faithfulness. Like Father Abraham, Bishop Oyedepo can be said to be a man of faith. He is an exemplary leader who walks-the-talk. He listens to God’s word and harkens to it. 

Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel is the brain-child of God to His servant who wrote the vision, took it up, and ran with it. It's been 36 years of the great commission. However, Bishop Oyedepo had a beginning. He started out the church from his living room, moved to a more expansive place till he got the vision to move the great commission to Ota, Ogun State.

Canaanland, Ota is the site of Living Faith Church. If you call it the Promised Land from God to His servant, you won’t be wrong. In 1999, the edifice (Faith Tabernacle) that gives covering to the worshippers at Living Faith Church, was commissioned to the delight of all around.

Bishop Oyedepo is a man of vision. A week ago, he preached on the need for his flocks to be news makers, not noise makers. He has been making news since 1976 and he is not moved by what ‘noise makers’ are saying. He can gladly attest to his focus and how far it has brought him.

When the Lord showed him the vision of Faith Tabernacle, he stated that he was surprised at how God showed him a forest to build the church for His people. Meanwhile, the place was away from people. According to him, the two seems strange -building a church where people are supposed to attend away from where people are.

Obedience Speaks Louder than Voice
There are benefits when you obey the Lord in all your ways. Bishop Oyedepo is thriving today because he obeyed Jesus totally. The revered preacher gave an instance of where Jesus performed his first miracle. At a wedding He attended, He instructed some persons to fill the jar with water because there was no wine for the wedding. What was required of those persons was total obedience.

Total obedience prompted the wine that was later made available at the wedding as Jesus did the miracle of turning water to wine. Obedience does not require any questions. When you obey God, you commit His integrity to manifest His glory, Bishop Oyedepo said.

Also, the renowned preacher gave another instance where Jesus instructed a blind man to wash his eyes at a pool called Siloam (John 9:7). The man did not ask any questions. He simply obeyed and his sight was restored. More so, the Red Sea parted as a result of the obedience of the people of Israel when He asked them to move forward. Obedience speaks louder than voice, the Bishop said.

Obedience invokes divine presence that will always culminate in the supernatural and God manifesting His glory. Besides, obedience to God’s commandment is the gateway to having all our needs in life met. They may not appear as correlating or relevant but that is where the answer is. Our obedience is God’s platform to meet all our needs.

Bishop Oyedepo also laid emphasis with the book he wrote, ‘All You Need To Have All Your Needs Met’ which was part of his teaching series in Shiloh. He stated that people do not know what they need; that is why they remain in need. When God showed him the forest where Faith Tabernacle is situated, he obeyed. God does not require your questions; He only demands your obedience.

Importance of Obedience
Obedience can turn any situation around at any time. The obedience of Bishop Oyedepo to God’s commandment has birth the 50, 000 seater capacity Faith Tabernacle which is presently celebrating 21 years of God’s faithfulness (September 18, 1999).

In addition, Obedience caused the Red Sea to part way; the wall of Jericho to fall down flat. Likewise, you will not be a victim of lack and want; sickness and disease won’t have a stronghold of your life if you live a life of obedience.

Bishop Oyedepo further asked his flock to ask for God’s grace for obedience that is sustainable. More so, we all should ask God for grace for selfless obedience. There are numerous benefits when we obey God without questioning.

The good Lord fulfilled His promise to Bishop David Oyedepo. He wrote the vision, made it plain, and watched men marvel at the wonders of God in his life. Faith Tabernacle is a testimony.

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