Street Preacher rebukes Kirk Franklin for failing to adequately preach the Gospel at the BET awards.

The BET awards have come and gone. But recently a street preacher in Jacksonville, Florida openly rebuked the award winning singer and producer, Kirk Franklin, for not using the performance time to adequately preach the message of the Gospel to the world.

Kirk shared the 4-minute clip of his dialogue with the unidentified street preacher.

Kirk Franklin had a 3.5 minute performance at the recently concluded award show. He performed his hit song "Love Theory" with special guests Jonathan McReynolds, Erica Campbell and Kelly Price. (See below)

Kirk Franklin shared a brief message about his faith when he said “brothers and sisters, if you believe that Jesus is the light of the world, get up on your feet right now.”
But the street preacher said Kirk should have done more that this. He believed that Kirk should have used the opportunity to preach to the audience for repentance.

According to him, "That’s not enough sir. The Bible says, ‘If I say to the wicked, you shall surely die and you don’t warn them, their blood is on your hands.' You got a lot of people at the BET Awards, you’ve got a lot of blood on your hands, sir! You’ve got a lot of blood on your hands. That’s what I’m here to tell you,”

The preacher said “You didn’t stand up at the BET Awards and say ‘hey guys, Jesus is coming back soon and the Bible says in the book of Revelation that the blood will be up to the horse’s bridle because of the blood of the sinners and no one’s warning people. The Bible says your prophets were false because they did not warn you of the sin that leads you to calamity,”

Kirk replied, “You didn’t believe that I said Jesus is Lord at the BET awards?”

Watch the instagram clip for more of the dialogue between Kirk and the unidentified preacher. What do you think?

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