New Trailer: Stephanie Okereke Linus stars in a Hollywood film titled "Boonville Redemption".

Stephanie Okereke Linus stars in a new Hollywood film as Doris, a second generation slave from Nigeria, now in America. The film, Boonville Redemption, is a story of God’s forgiveness and His ability to fix broken lives. The film is set in Boonville, California, 1906.

Doris is a free woman and she lives with her Uncle. She forms a special bond with the main character of the film, Melinda.


Thirteen year-old Melinda is angry about the hand life has dealt her. Being born out of wedlock and scorned by many, Melinda desperately wants to know what happened to her real father. No one will tell her.

Alice, Melinda’s mother, feels that God has abandoned her and now relies on superstitions to cope with her guilt.

Mason, Melinda’s stepfather, is the top employer in Anderson Valley. He lords his control over the small town of Boonville.

Melinda is sent to take care of her ailing and sometimes delusional grandmother. Grandma Mary shows Melinda the love and acceptance that the girl has never experienced.

When Grandma Mary is delusional she speaks in a long forgotten language of the valley called “Boontling.” Through her understanding of Boontling, Melinda begins to learn about her father.

Melinda is happy at her grandmother’s and enjoys no longer being under the heavy thumb of Mason. But that comfort is soon ripped from her with Grandma Mary’s sudden passing.

Now determined to do all within her power to find her father, Melinda’s bravery compels some of the townspeople to reveal the dark secrets that they have kept to themselves for years. Her example gives them strength to bring the truth to light and ultimately to find forgiveness and redemption.

Along with the residents of Boonville, Melinda learns that when you look for the truth, that’s where you’ll find grace.

Check out the trailer below. Boonville Redemption is available now for presale on Amazon and on the 8th of November.

The film also stars Pat Boone, Edward Asner, Diane Ladd, Richard Tyson, Shari Rigby, Kassandra Voyagis, Robert Hays and Emily Hoffman

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