Pastor Paul Adefarasin Gifts his Music Director A Range Rover

Wilson Joel, House on the Rock Music Director was involved in an accident sometime last week; though he was unhurt but his car became scrap. 

Barely a week after the accident during Sunday service, Pastor Paul Adefarasin stopped the sermon midway, unplanned and decided to give Joel his Range Rover. The church went wild with excitement and Wilson couldn’t but express his excitement.

Quoting Pastor Adefarasin “I came to Church this Sunday morning with no plan to give away one of my cars, no plan. I didn’t even know, until this moment, that it is upon me to give it away. “The mega pastor went on to explain his reason for giving, “You know why? If you can’t walk your talk, you have no business in the pulpit. Number 2, it is more blessed to give than it is to receive.”

Joel in appreciation bowed before his Pastor, but Pastor Paul Adefarasin was quick to divert the glory to God and he said “Joel, don’t do that, bless God. I’m just an instrument. Don’t do that to me, I’m an instrument.’

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