Catholic Leaders Reprimand Joe Biden, a Practicing Catholic for Officiating Same Sex Marriage

Vice President, Joe Biden, officiating a gay marriage between Brian Mosteller and Joe Mahshie 

On Friday, leaders in the Catholic Church were furious that one of their own acted like love was more important than the condemnation of homosexuality.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops posted a statement online reprimanding Biden for what he did, while it didn’t mentioned his name, seemed to clearly rebuke the vice-president for the public action opposing the Church’s teachings, Religion News Service reports. Find the statement below:

“When a prominent Catholic politician publicly and voluntarily officiates at a ceremony to solemnize the relationship of two people of the same-sex, confusion arises regarding Catholic teaching on marriage and the corresponding moral obligations of Catholics. What we see is a counter witness, instead of a faithful one founded in the truth” wrote Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The statement was cosigned by Buffalo Bishop Richard Malone and Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski. 

Biden received public permission to perform the ceremony though he wasn’t acting as a representative of the Catholic Church.

According to a statement, the grooms, Brian Mosteller and Joe Mahshie, asked Biden to marry them, and Biden obtained a temporary certification from the District of Columbia. BuzzFeed reports that Mosteller is the director of Oval Office operations, and Mahshie is a trip coordinator for Michelle Obama.

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