Covenant Christian Centre holds Ministry 101 - a school of ministry for aspiring Ministers

Covenant Christian Centre will be holding a School of Ministry for aspiring Ministers, titled Ministry 101.

Ministry 101 is a 2-day course designed to give a good understanding of the art of ministry and how to be an effective minister.

  1. What ministry is all about?
  2. How do I start an effective ministry.
  3. The 4 ingredients required to build a solid work. Understanding your terrain, effective communication and contextual messages.
  4. What are the five- fold ministry and understanding the ministry of helps.
  5. Understanding that ministry is an inheritance( building on the labour of others).
  6. The two streams in the Word i.e The Covenant and The Prophetic. The principles and the river.
  7. How do I start and build an effective para church ministry while I remain in any local church without creating conflicts.
  8. If I am going to start a church in future what do I do while I serve in a Church.
  9. Ministry and money. How a ministry is financed supernaturally.
  10. Understanding the prayer life of a minister.
  11. Trans-generational relationships. How the baton is transferred.
  12. Understanding the Nigerian terrain so you know the positioning your gifting is indicating.
Dates: March 5th & 12th, 2016.

Admission is free but Pre registration is required.

Note this course will lay an effective foundation for aspiring ministers and those who want to know their placement. We are ministering life and not taking doctrinal positions. 

Time: 7:30am. Doors will be shut at 8.00am.
Venue: The Covenant Place Iganmu, beside The National Theatre.

To register, click School of Ministry 101 

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