Denzel Washington Stands Up For Jesus!

Going against the grain of atheist Hollywood liberals, Denzel Washington is publicly professing his commitment to his Christian faith.

“I read from the Bible every day, and I read my Daily Word,” the legendary actor stated. His father was a Pentecostal minister, so he grew up in a home where God was always first. “He had his own church, and it was a long Sunday, because you had to be there all day,” Washington explained.

“Everyone I grew up with didn’t have a father,” he added. “I had a father. My father was a decent man. He was a very spiritual man and a gentleman.”

Having such a positive male influence certainly worked in Washington’s favor, as he has remained grounded despite the fame and fortune he has acquired in life.

He also recounted a very personal encounter he had with God during one church service. “The minister was preaching, ‘Just let it go.’ I said, ‘I’m going to go with it.’ And I had this tremendous physical and spiritual experience,” he said. “It did frighten me. I was slobbering, crying, sweating. My cheeks blew up. I was purging. It was too intense.”

Washington also urged readers to “start your day with prayer.”

Denzel Washington is standing up for his Christian faith in an industry that doesn’t always make that very easy!

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