10 Signs Your Prayer Life Needs Help

No doubt, sometimes we find it hard to pray, not because we have lost our faith in God but probably because of circumstances surrounding us at the moment. If we don't try to get back to God and in the process, get used to not praying, it often leads to us struggling with our faith and our prayer life begins to head down the drain.

Here are 10 signs your prayer life is struggling and how you can take back control of this blessed privilege of access to Our Heavenly Father.

1. You say you’re going to pray but never start.

You know you need to pray, you know it would enhance your life and yet you continue to postpone doing it. There is no set formula or format for prayer. Just simply start. It can be in the shower, first thing in the morning or on the ride into work. Start working it into your day and don’t put this off for another day.

2. Avoiding Prayer Meetings

Do you dodge prayer meetings at church, telling yourself “I’m not in that ministry.” Newsflash, prayer is the ministry of every believer. There are indeed intercessors and those who find prayer more easily than others, but that doesn't mean you should avoid prayer meetings. Make it a point to visit the next one at your church to help you get over this hump because being in the prayer group helps to enhance your prayer life a great deal.

3. You are easily distracted during prayer time.

Can’t seem to focus during times of prayer? If you feel like you’re running off a to do list to God, take a moment to pause. Practice silence and solitude to quiet your mind before going into prayer. Another way to help maintain focus is to ask The Holy Spirit to come in and help you. The Bible says that He prays for us when we can’t find the words to say.

4. Feel uncomfortable praying for others.

The Holy Spirit prompts us to pray for others, it can be someone in a crisis or in need of healing. It can be uncomfortable to approach people when God tells you to, but choose obedience. Responding in obedience to God, will be so rewarding to your walk and journey with God.

5. Have a phobia of praying in public.

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power love and a sound mind. Anytime prayer is attached to fear we should question why an emotion like fear would be tied to the act of communicating with Our Heavenly Father. Don’t let the enemy intimidate and punk you out of the prayer life you’re suppose to have. The Holy Spirit could use your prayer in a mighty way to break chains off people.

6. You think "You're not a good pray-er'.

There are no such things as “good” pray-ers. Some people may have a gift for prayer, but its much more about the God receiving the prayer than the one who prays it. Remember God loves to hear from you and is not judging your prayers, He judges the motives and intents of the heart.

7. Compare your prayer life to others.

One of the quickest ways to stagnate your own prayer life, is to be consistently immersed with the prayer life of others. We each have a unique relationship with God that shapes our prayer life. Don’t compare yourself to others. Just share your heart with the One you love.

8. You only go to God for emergencies.

God is not a first aid kit. We should speak to Him often throughout our day. Think about a relationship you have with someone that only comes to  you when they need something, but never calls just to genuinely connect. Call home just to check in with Your Father, not always because you need Him to meet your needs.

9. Think prayer is only talking to God.

Prayer is dialogue, so not only should you be talking to God you should also be in a listening position. The crux of prayer is listening as much as it is about expressing ourselves before Him.

10. You think there are some special words to be said in prayer.

Sometimes we feel like we don't have the right words, we feel we should be fluent when speaking to God, both in asking for his help and quoting the necessary scriptures to back them up, when Infact, thinking too hard before praying in a bd to say a lot while praying, is an hypocritical habit that shouldn't be found amongst Children of God. (Mat. 6:7 - And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.). Prayer is fellowship with God and we are supposed to come as we are.

Are there any other signs you know of? Please share.

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