WAFBEC Update Day 1. 3rd February - Morning

WAFBEC venue
An aerial view of the WAFBEC venue

Though the Convention is supposed to start this evening, Reverend Charles Cowan was at the Convention ground this morning when Covenant Christian Centre held its combined service at 8.00 a.m. Rev. Cowan was the guest speaker and he talked about Faith. He delved into the need to know one's level of Faith and the application of Faith in one's daily life.

Reverend Charles Cowan at CCC Church Service this morning
Pastor Poju Oyemade reported that most of the speakers were already in town and that the convention was in full throttle. To follow on twitter, the hashtag is #WAFBEC2013

The Convention continues at 5.30p.m. Remember, you can check www.wafbec.org for more information.

For video highlights on the setting up of the venue, see below.

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